More than a parking facility

Cars, pedestrians, wildlife all gain something from the new parking facility in Aalborg.

A parking facility is primarily a rational construction, designed for a very specific purpose. Yet, in the Eastern Harbour of Aalborg, the 3rd largest municipality in Denmark, Sangberg has created something more than the conventional.

A Vibrant Graphic Expression

The new parking facility comes across as a big scale, minimal monument in a part of Aalborg that currently is being transformed from an industrial harbour to a multifunctional neighbourhood. The building has a capacity of 590 cars and is executed as a tight, structural construction with a playful graphic facade concept. With its elementary construction principle and honest materiality, the parking facility easily corresponds to the former industrial aesthetics of the area.

The facade is designed with a dynamic, lightweight and vibrant expression that varies depending on how and from where it is viewed: Whether you’re driving by in a car or you’re passing by as a pedestrian, you will gain a different experience as the facade animates itself in accordance to the speed travelled. The expression also changes whether viewed nearby or far away, from straight on or from the side – and with the light conditions and seasons.

Spaces between each aluminium tube lining the graphic facade lead natural light into the building. The extruded aluminium slats are easy to assemble and subsequently easy to disassemble, which also applies to the used concrete. In the future, this allows for a straightforward removal process and recycling of the facade material and concrete for use in other building projects.

A Wild Life habitat

The facade presents an opportunity for vegetation to take hold and grow, and once grown the green facades will absorb CO2 from the air, increase oxygen levels and provide the city with a range of other positive environmental qualities. The vegetation will filter particulates produced by pollution and act as a buffer to the sound of congestion, absorbing the noise produced by the vehicles that pass by. Green facades will also provide a new habitat within the city, a biotope where insects and birds can thrive.

The masterplan for the area emphasizes a green buffer zone along the busy Nyhavnsgade, which has been the starting point for the team's work. As a result, Sangberg’s vision for the new parking facility has been to create a building that introduces nature to the area.

Recipient of Aalborg Municipality's Architectural Prize

The parking facility has received Aalborg Municipality's building award 2018. Among other things, the judging committee's motivation for the prize was:

“In its facade design the parking facility has achieved a light expression that functions alongside Nyhavnsgade and towards the surrounding homes. Lightness is achieved by a graphic play using light grey aluminium slats. The parking facility serves as a model for how heavy infrastructure installations can add to the cities, they are a part of.”

A. Enggaard, Niras and Sangberg are currently working on a new parking facility in Aalborg.