1st prize for sustainable housing project in the middle of the North Sea



Following a competitive selection process, SANGBERG will be building 68 new permanent residences on the German island of Helgoland. The site for these new homes lies approximately 60 metres above the ocean, offering future residents amazing views out over the North Sea. The island's fantastic location and its unique scenery make Helgoland an extraordinary place to settle down – far away from the big city, surrounded by water and with some excellent views out over the North Sea.

The timber buildings will be constructed from renewable materials, using prefabricated building technology. The result is a refined and contemporary residential project which is comfortable in the context of the island's existing buildings. 

The main project phase has begun, and the buildings are expected to be completed in late 2018. Read more about the project here.


This project is being developed in collaboration with Campus 360 for the clientGemeinde Helgoland.