G1 – Østre Havn

The building plot G1 in Østre Havn (the eastern harbour of Aalborg) bases its building on the former industrial society, by using raw architecture, simple materiality and a sense of detail. A building block is created with a wire system for planting on the facade, which gives a green and vived expression towards Nyhavnsgade. The house has hallways with places to pause, as well as an inner courtyard which forms a space in the middle of the building, protected from noise from Nydhavnsgade.

G1 contains compact housing for students, young people and families with young children. The block is build on 10,500 m2, with a 2,000 m2 grocery store at the ground floor.

A. Enggaard A/S
POLYFORM, WERK Arkitekter, Niras
Aalborg, Denmark
2013 -